About us

NJ STEM was established by a parent who had exhausted practical way of teaching options (hands on learning) for her child. She had been to various activity centers / Robotics groups and nothing seemed to fit right. A need to amalgamate life lessons, Hands on projects related school work was what led to the formation and establishment of NJ STEM. We have taken it upon ourselves to teach kids life essentials and also feed their intellect with knowledge and make learning fun. At NJ STEM we believe that we provide quality hands on project work without eroding it of its value. Although we teach Science Technology Engineering and Math fun way, we also believe in teaching kids important life skills lessons (e.g. save electricity / water, respect others, playing outside, self motivation etc). So what makes us distinct? – Our unique approach to teaching by doing hands on projects – We believe in teaching by participation not just blindly following alone. To achieve this we use technology in teaching and make kids experience things firsthand. We want kids to learn certain skills at early age which helps them build interest in STEM which seems fading away because of bookish way of teaching. We teach lessons and nuggets that they’ll need to succeed in life. They also have time for games building mortar skills and learning teamwork among other things.