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After School Programs

Hands-on projects are the best way to teach kids Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. By building different projects from different engineering area we teach kids about project concept, scientific theory behind that project.


We love combining our STEM camps with different types of camps either including Tennis or Soccer or any outside multi activity camps, when its combined with STEM (Robotics / Coding/ Engineering projects) become Parents & Kids favorite camp.

Through the combination of traditional classroom learning and the dynamic, immersive experiences provided at our camps, we are able to provide children with a well-rounded and stimulating educational environment.

Strong History of Success

Our programs are designed with your needs in mind, to give you the best possible experience. With over a decade of experience in providing students with hands-on learning opportunities that enhance their academic development, NJ Stem provides an oppertunity to partner up with your school to create a unique experience.

Years of experience in providing students with hands-on learning opportunities that enhance their academic development.

With Locations spread across the state of New Jersey, we are able to offer our services to a wide range of individuals.

Customize Your Experience

Three catagories of Age Groups

Simple Engineering

These hands on projects are specially designed for our curios brains from K-3 who are getting accustomed to school. L earning through our projects helps them build interest and explore many avenues in different areas like Earth & Space science, Life Science, Basic of Robotics and computer programming principles.

Engineering Adventures

projects are created for kids in 3-5 grades which also helps them build skills to solve real-life problems by using the engineering. T hese programs also help them to develop areas like Electrical, Mechanical, Civil , Chemistry, Environmental, Aerospace, Robotics, Game Design concepts.

Master Engineers

is an engineering curriculum for middle school aged youth. Our projects empowers youth to identify problem statement by asking right questions, doing design sessions before building solution and learning importance of testing and thinking about constant improvements like Pro Engineer.

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